Many of the projects which I am involved with at the moment focus on a key idea: innovation.  I was recently invited to do a digital performance for a festival in Milan.  This will be upcoming in October.  I don't have an exact date/time for my slot.  The festival focuses on many areas of business, design and technology.  They are also incorporating art in their presentations and workshops. 

My vision for the performance is to use 3 or 4 songs which I have collaborated with Ulf Skogsbergh on through Indaba Music.  I will stream the pre-recorded songs and do a corresponding performance around the emotive themes and creative concepts in the music.  I will perform the work from the Odyssey simulator and the performance will be projected and amplified for the audience in Milan.   The name of the performance is Rientrare. 
"rientrare: to come/go back in; get back (home), return; form part (of), be included (in)." 

Much thanks to Fau Ferdinand and Roxelo Babenco for curating my work to be part of this event.