"Misprint Thursday’s music can be described as weird or avant-garde – it is, but the biggest selling point by far is her contemplative lyrics and passionate performance. With a background in visual art, it’s clear that Misprint Thursday remains unbound by the conventions of recorded music; her creative spirit shines through in her many collaborations with fellow Indabians. With a style akin to Kate Bush and Vashti Bunyan, Misprint Thursday is a refreshing aural treat."  ~Indaba Music

Misprint Thursday on Indaba Music
Misprint Thursday was a collaborator and artist in the project Brooklyn Is Watching.  You can read about it in the NYT here.  Brooklyn is Watching was also featured in the exhibit Paper Moon at the Zuckerman Museum.  The catalog for the exhibit won a 2013 Muse award.  You can download the catalog here


Misprint Thursday is the digital persona of US artist Karina Mitchell. Her work embodies communication, persona, virtual reality, emotive underpinnings, layers, and ephemera woven in rich and often gritty experimentation. Misprint's work has been documented by art historians and academics.  Misprint Thursday has exhibited her physical and digital work in Universities and galleries nationally and internationally.  She collaborates frequently and exhibits both digitally and in galleries. If you want to know more CLICK HERE and ask.  An operator is standing by.  Really.